Calandra's Latest Book

When it’s all said and done or at the end of the day, what is the result of one’s struggle?

For a young, ambitious, and gifted young girl of color, this book answers that question and so much more. Although her current economic status does not paint a very glamourous picture, Essie knew in her heart that she was destined to shine. However, no matter how well she planned and set goals for her life, it often threw her an unexpected curveball that could send even the strongest willed person spiraling into a sea of hopelessness and despair. Thankfully, with guidance from her family and nightly conversations with her star, Essie overcomes many obstacles great and small to fulfill that which was purposed for her life.

When It’s All Said and Done is Calandra’s first published book. The main character in the book’s name is Essie Mae Jenkins. Essie Mae is Ariel’s late grandmother’s name on her dad’s side of the family. Jenkins is Ariel’s grandmother’s maiden name on her mother’s side (Calandra) of the family. Essie is also Ariel’s middle name.

Although this book is fiction, there are various accounts throughout the book that are true to life in the life of Ariel Essie and Calandra. You can refer to the picture gallery for pictures and page numbers in the book to see a few real-life chains of events.

I have learned while writing this book that it doesn't matter if you are a girl, a boy, young or older, Asian, Mexican, European, Black or White, no matter your cultural disposition, whether you are rich, poor or in between, there is something in one of these chapters that we all can relate too. My prayer is that you will be inspired, challenged and blessed by what you read. Furthermore, it is my hope that this book reminds us all that even when the "storms of life" beat down on us, we can make it through each one of them WHEN IT"S ALL SAID AND DONE!