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Meet Calandra 

Minister, Author, Music Composer, Playwriter, Scriptwriter and Mom

As a native St. Louisan, Calandra grew up with Church, Music, and the Arts as a guiding force in her life. At an early age, she composed several plays and wrote over 30 songs. Along with her siblings, they would perform them for their parents.

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Meet Calandra?


Because of Calandra’s involvement in life, she is the perfect person to write a story of this magnitude. Her personal experiences have provided her with the expertise to write this narrative and, hopefully, many more. The development of the story and the growth of the characters are both interesting and thought-provoking.  Being the mother of a young daughter, she knows firsthand about the intricacies of life that are told through the main character. Hopefully, this story will be the first in a line of many more. The stories of young (black) girls are very rarely told in a way where familial support is provided and the village mentality is practiced. We need to hear more success stories where the exercise of faith and determination provide positive results in the lives of young people. This story doesn’t hide the ugly side of the struggle, but it opens the reader’s eyes to the fact that you cannot have success without it

Dr. Lawrence Morganfield III

What's a girl to do when this book ends Calandra Flanigan?

Ijs. I'm on Chapter 12! Do you have another one?

If ya'll haven't purchased this book yet, ya'll  missing out. If you have. What you waiting on?! Get to reading!!

Pamela A.

I am truly truly 

enjoying your book!! 

One min I’m this 😱

next min 🤣😂

then I’m 😭

So far I’d say this is beautifully written, and best heartfelt.

I’m loving you and your children’s story .

I’m a slow reader tho,

but  am still at it .


What a Mom !!

Yause vacations were great !!

Deborah M.

I was reading my book. It's good. I'm on chapter 3. I didn't want to put it down trying to find out what happened to the audition in Fl. But I had to stop. My husband was calling me for dinner.

Desma C.

I'm so loving this book 

Cheryl M.

When It's All Said And Done 

Check out Calandra's latest book, When It's All Said And Done, and order your copy today!


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